Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh ya, SLAYER DAY! \m/

PS... Dont forget to wear your Slayer shirts on June 6th, SLAYER DAY!
Also it is mandatory for all metalheads to scream "SLAAAAYYYERR!", at least once at someone unsuspecting, try to scare them shitless.

Jesse Valstar is genius.

International Metalocalypse Quote Status Update Day

Hey all you regular jackoffs,

Dethklok have ordered a grand exultation of their works and sayings in the form of a quote day. The rules are so simple even a Swedish guitarist that can't figure out how to cook coffee could do it.

1. Every time you update your status on 6/6/10, you use a quote from Metalocalypse.

Yeah, see? Only one friggin' step!

So order 100 beers exactly and join in the METALOCALYPSE QUOTE DAY or NO BANANA SHTICKERS FOR YOU!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blood Drunk, Maelstrom, Derelict - May 29th

This Saturday night (29th) at the Pogue Mahonie in Kamloops I do so believe, BC's own Blood Drunk and Maelstrom will be hitting the scene with Derelict who is coming all the way from Montreal, Quebec to support their new album, 'Unspoken Words'.

"Since the release of the album, the band has stormed the Canadian metal scene with their destructive live shows as they've performed alongside The Agonist, the Plasmarifle, Threat Signal, and Ion Dissonance. Their brand of metallic brutality and schizophrenic musical changes has drawn comparisons to Strapping Young Lad and the legendary Death."

Come out and support these great bands for only $7 baby! Doors open at 8, show starts at 9.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ya you heard me!
And it can only mean one thing, Odinfist is hitting up the town of Armstrong once again (well they practically own the place don't they?).

This Friday (yes, the 28th of May) at the Branding Iron, and they're bringing some brutal friends of theirs, Enslaved By Humans!

Show starts at 8:30, admission is only 5 clams at the door. No, not literally clams tardo!

There will also be BRAND SPANKING NEW shirts for sale going for $15, on top of drink specials, and it's all that you mofucks can hear a brand new song too!

Damn, someone should pick me up a shirt while their at it, and a beer too pl0x.
After this its off to the big Vancity, then they're heading over to our neighbors to entertain those flatlanders -erm- Albertans..


Monday, May 24, 2010

Twitter Twatter

Don't forget to follow my random spam about metal on twitter!

Trying to get organized and get some shit lined up for a clean restart of this blog, but with school and work it's going slow. Be patient all!

Keep it heavy, keep it metal BC! \m/